Team Challenge

The Rattlesnake Run invites companies, gyms, organizations, clubs, and groups to consider entering their employees and members as a group. By participating, your group and members can also reap the benefits of team building, visibility and better physical fitness and health.

There are two ways to win the Team Challenge Champion Plaque to hang up in your department, gym, office, or retail space

  1. Most Runners Entered
    One way to win is to get as many people as you can into the race, not only does this able us to raise money for our charities and causes faster; but it also allows you to have more advertisement out on the course. We recommend getting matching team shirts so we can spot all of you out on the course!!
  2. Fastest Runners in the Race
    This section comes down to your top seven, this is very comparable to a High School or College Cross Country Meet. The firm, department, and gym with the most runners to finish in the front section of race wins!

Fastest Firm

Come out and represent your business or firm. This is a great way to get your company out there in the community!

Fastest Fitness Club

Do you think you have the fastest fitness club in the area? Take on other local gyms, clubs, and other organizations, on the 5-miles course and see who wins!

Red, White, and Blue

This challenge is for all local Sheriff, Police, Firefighters, and EMT's. Comeout and see who has the fastest deprtment!

Can your gym, firm, or department take home BOTH the Most Runners Entered and the Fastest Runners Plaques? Sign up your firm, gym, or department todayand get the excitement going!

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